Saturday, 9 October 2010

X-Factor - the downfall of our society?

Yes, well too cut a long story short that would be my synopsis. The evolution of these talent shows on television has to me been disturbing. I say "talent" show in the loosest possible term, seeing as the new modern definition appears to be people who can sing or dance and nothing else.

When I grew up the world was a much simpler place, it was all just big break and the generation game. Then reality TV evolved and we have been for ever the worse for it. These generations of talentless nobodies who's goal in life is to get famous sleep with someone then sell their story for some £££.

Since when did it become acceptable for a 16 yr old boy from the hardest part of Belfast to cry and admit that singing is his dream in life, this would have induced a beating in my day and its a shame its not the current trend. Maybe schooling teaching changes and the decline in the traditional school bully has allowed for these people to come to the fore and express themselves via the medium of dance or song.

Maybe this is start of the foretold social evolutionary divide between the intelligent and beautiful and the stupid and ugly. Perhaps this is the new opiate for the masses (importantly Lenin was not referring to religion in way most theist's apply the phrase, this however is beside the point) which will divide and further stem the divide. I suppose the thing which aggravates me most about these shows is that the actual loss to society of having some large percentage of the population who could be come useful members of society and pursue meaningful careers (pipe dreams), instead their "dream" is to sing on some crappy show and get judged by a succession of brain dead wankers.

What ever happened to the traditional British standard of excellence, the stiff upper lip. Now it seems the modern era is a bunch of mincing emo gimps who have embraced their emotions and want to spend the day dancing about making their mothers proud.

Obviously this is a smaller sub-sect of society than the media gives it credit, much like paedophiles. However it seems it's a virus inherent in our modern culture for better or worse its here to stay. What disturbs me most is when people i would call my peers or contemporaries, on an intellectual par shall we say, enjoy this bollocks and get dragged in this spasticated spiral of talentless razzmatazz.

<3 Laurence

- Chris

P.S, no poker content to say other than, my prediction that Skillgambler walks his prop bet seems to be going as i predicted.

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