Monday, 20 September 2010

My Enthralling Blog

Well I've decided to start a blog again as I plan on playing a lot of poker again and hopefully this will give me the encouragement to continually put in large volumes. Hopefully I'll post a hand a day I find interesting and maybe a video a week or something. I'm planning to also be far more active on the forums as well, since I noticed that my posting style had degenerated into monosyllabic grunts. Which is probably of no use to anyone.

Well the reason I'm starting playing a lot is that I've basically been on holiday for the what seems like most of the year, I've recently become quite interested in high altitude alpinism (ice climbing etc...) and too finance my new hobby, of which the real cost is time, I've decided to become more dedicated to my poker to free up more time through out the year.

So currently I'm rebuilding a roll, and I'm starting with 5k and almost 200k Fpps so hopefully i should be back up to 15/30 -50/100 relatively soon. As it is at the moment I'm playing a lot lower, so hopefully it should be interesting as I progress through the stakes. Initially I had a decision of whether to continue playing Party or more over to stars, since I'm trying to grind I figured whilst the games may be slightly tougher on stars the greater volume of games at the lower stakes should make up for that and I'm close to a 4k bonus.

I feel like my life has just drifted past for the last 5 years and its starting to piss me off, so hopefully I can change my outlook on life with a new dedicated approach to poker. I've talked about this fairly extensively with a number of poker players and it seems a common problem. My life leaks have for too long got in the way of what i really want to do, and so the plan is to minimize them.

- Chris

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