Monday, 20 September 2010

Hand 1

I quickly scanned the last couple of hundred hands I played and figured this was the most interesting, since I'm knackered and doing this quickly before i go to bed it may not be all that great.

Villain is 44/17/37/1.2

My image is very aggressive, although he may be paying more attention to his cards than me.

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $4.00 BB (5 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is MP with J, K 1 fold, SoSo raises, 1 fold, SB calls, 1 fold

Flop: (5 SB) A, 3, 9 (2 players) SB checks, SoSo bets, SB calls

Turn: (3.5 BB) Q (2 players) SB checks, SoSo bets

In the heat of battle i decided there where a fair number of 6 out + hands he could have on the turn and felt he would not semi-bluff all that much due to his low AF. I figure he will peal the flop mostly with a very wide range and probably only raise his 2pair/set or stronger aces. Which are marginally reduced from his lack of a 3-bet pre (i would expect him to re-raise ATs+,AJo+,99+, although possibly wider as i only have 200 hands on him).

On the turn after he flats is my main decision in the hand, against a lot predictable weak-tights i would check back drawing to my gutter/pair, however since his range is so wide i came to the conclusion he has a lot of hands I don' want to have free-cards. However if I do check I can induce bluffs some of the time even though he has a low-ish AF.

Upon reflection i don't really like my bet, yes i do give him outs to possibly out draw me, if I'm a head, but i also get into a profitable river situation when i check back the turn .

Which is as follows, when he bets the river after i check (and don't improve) his value betting range, seeing as he is a weaker player, will not contain all the value hands which beat me He will mostly bet A's, some Q's and the rest of the stronger potential hands, he will also bluff some, which will be unbalanced due to his top heavy value range.

So if i Check back and call a river bet offering 4.5:1 meaning he has to be bluffing pretty frequently, but since i think his range which was so wide on the flop and is now at the river, he will have a large combination of Bluffs in his range, even for a weaker player. When presented with the river bet i think its a close but correct call and i would have preferred to play the hand in that manner.

I hope this isn't unreadable gibberish, as I'm writing this severely jet-lagged after returning from Vietnam.

- Chris

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