Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 2

Well this was a pretty good yet short day. I had a good session last night and I'm currently +$1.8k excluding rakeback, so probably a tiny bit ahead of pace. I only played 2k hands today as I was viewing houses for a large part of the day which was irritating. Since only one person in my house works a "conventional job", we all have to put on suits and make up jobs titles for ourselves when looking round these houses, since its so competitive to rent in London at the moment.

Grim turn decision

BTN is Kala 25/19/35/2
BB is 55/11/46/1

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $10.00 BB (5 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is SB with J, A 2 folds, Button raises, SoSo 3-bets, BB calls, Button calls

Flop: (9 SB) 8, 9, 3 (3 players) SoSo bets, BB calls, Button calls

Turn: (6 BB) 6(3 players) SoSo Checks,

I felt after the flop action Kala rarely has a hand that will raise me on the turn, but can definitely have hands that beat me. The fish is a bit of a oddity in that his CC range is very wide and he will also play very passively postflop so he also sort of falls into this category only with less value combinations.

I checked and I think its kind of terrible seeing as I don't think I'm getting semi-bluffed that often and i often charge a huge number of hands to draw in 2 spots. I really wasn't too sure how to play this and as such I've cross-posted this on 2+2.

Any ways I'm off out now too fabric for Ollie's last night out before he leaves for Spain, and as such am breaking my alcohol ban. Hopefully i won't get too trashed and post more embarrassing posts in the SSSH L/C thread.

- Chris

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