Wednesday, 22 September 2010

100k in 100 days

Since reading about GiantBuddha's challenge I found out that as of tomorrow it's 100 days till the end of the year. Whilst in the pub I was chatting too one of my mates from uni about poker and how I was planning on playing a load and did I have any specific targets. Well anyway the idea of 100k in 100 days seemed feasible but hard, so in order to look cool I said I'd do it. There are going to be no rules for this self imposed challenge just to simply get the cash in 100 days by any means. Poker probably will be my main source of income, but I always fancied a life of crime and I live next too a lot of expensive houses I could burgle then fence the goods and invest in some cocaine and guns, if things are going behind pace.

I think the chance of me achieving this is slim and I'm really not that interested in taking action on it unless I get a really good price. Considering I have 7 days of holiday booked and another in the pipeline along with the Christmas period.

"I was born on the wind, and I'll die on the wind" - KKF

- Chris

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