Saturday, 9 October 2010

X-Factor - the downfall of our society?

Yes, well too cut a long story short that would be my synopsis. The evolution of these talent shows on television has to me been disturbing. I say "talent" show in the loosest possible term, seeing as the new modern definition appears to be people who can sing or dance and nothing else.

When I grew up the world was a much simpler place, it was all just big break and the generation game. Then reality TV evolved and we have been for ever the worse for it. These generations of talentless nobodies who's goal in life is to get famous sleep with someone then sell their story for some £££.

Since when did it become acceptable for a 16 yr old boy from the hardest part of Belfast to cry and admit that singing is his dream in life, this would have induced a beating in my day and its a shame its not the current trend. Maybe schooling teaching changes and the decline in the traditional school bully has allowed for these people to come to the fore and express themselves via the medium of dance or song.

Maybe this is start of the foretold social evolutionary divide between the intelligent and beautiful and the stupid and ugly. Perhaps this is the new opiate for the masses (importantly Lenin was not referring to religion in way most theist's apply the phrase, this however is beside the point) which will divide and further stem the divide. I suppose the thing which aggravates me most about these shows is that the actual loss to society of having some large percentage of the population who could be come useful members of society and pursue meaningful careers (pipe dreams), instead their "dream" is to sing on some crappy show and get judged by a succession of brain dead wankers.

What ever happened to the traditional British standard of excellence, the stiff upper lip. Now it seems the modern era is a bunch of mincing emo gimps who have embraced their emotions and want to spend the day dancing about making their mothers proud.

Obviously this is a smaller sub-sect of society than the media gives it credit, much like paedophiles. However it seems it's a virus inherent in our modern culture for better or worse its here to stay. What disturbs me most is when people i would call my peers or contemporaries, on an intellectual par shall we say, enjoy this bollocks and get dragged in this spasticated spiral of talentless razzmatazz.

<3 Laurence

- Chris

P.S, no poker content to say other than, my prediction that Skillgambler walks his prop bet seems to be going as i predicted.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Belated Post

This is going to kind of short, I'm going to think of one particular topic to analysis each week rather than trying too find interesting hands after each session. Next week I'll have a video on river play and the varying factors which dictate the best strategy. As it is this is a brief and kind of nothing video post, enjoy.

- Chris

Friday, 1 October 2010

No Poker Friday's

This weekend most likely will be a write off, hopefully not. Skillgambler's doing a 100k hands + profit at 10/20 this month, I think he's got $6.5k of action. He's going to stroll through this, this is a even better hustle than La Peste's 30k in a month bet.

- Chris

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Video Blog 3

Enjoying the catchy titles? Well I'm pretty knackered so hopefully it doesn't come off as too confused this video. Poker's one long break even stretch this week, which is always annoying, I feel I'm playing well although my volume hasn't been great.

- Chris

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Video Blog 2

I'm still making that weird kissing sound a bit, fortunately not as much. I think the play is debatable in all the hands and I'm still pondering if I think my lines were best.

- Chris

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Frustrating Day

This is going to be quick since I'm knackered. I played a good long morning session for +900, had a break and went to the pub to meet up with some friends. I came back at 11 ish so I could continue my good work ethic, and promptly dropped 150 bets at 5/10. I suppose its the way of poker, its been difficult to get motivate the last two days but hopefully it will get easier as the week progresses.

Truly weird hand

I haven't played much FR in a long time but the 10/20 games are pretty good so I'll probably be playing them a fair amount. I think my play here is pretty fucking bad, i should of 3-bet the turn. I do however like the river c/r fold. Pf is very marginal MP and CO are both terrible, BTN seems OK.

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $20.00 BB (9 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is BB with 7, 7 3 folds, MP2 raises, 1 fold, CO 3-bets, Button caps, 1 fold, SoSo calls, MP2 calls, CO calls

Flop: (16.5 SB) K, 7, J (4 players) SoSo checks, MP2 checks, CO checks, Button checks

Turn: (8.25 BB) 6 (4 players)SoSo bets, MP2 calls, 1 fold, Button raises, SoSo calls, MP2 calls

River: (14.25 BB) 2 (3 players) SoSo checks, MP2 checks, Button bets,SoSo raises, 1 fold, Button 3-bets,SoSo folds

- Chris

Monday, 27 September 2010

First Video Blog

Well this really weird, it zooms in and out occasionally. Hopefully I'll soon get better at posting these and improving the quality. Sorry about the weird kissing noise I never realised I make I'll try and stop that in future videos.

- Chris

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekend games and the approaching Monday.

Whilst I've played only a relatively small amount today as I'm not at home and on my laptop. The quality of weekend games has more than made up for it. I've played maybe 2k today for a +~1.4k day. Since im on my laptop I'm not sure exactly what the current score is, but its probably a bit over +3k, with some fpps thrown in I'll consider this as roughly on pace. Next week i plan on forging ahead in a big way, murdering the games.

Mondays, dreaded Mondays. I fucking hate Mondays. The games tomorrow are guaranteed to be awful its going to be brutal line-ups in every game, the 5-10 becomes close to unplayable. Yet i'm still going to play as long as people play 22/18 in the modern game i can exploit them, hell i think 30/20 is profitable to play against. Sure stats don't mean everything, but they mean sufficient amount in SSSH. It is important in these ugly line-ups to play less tables. I mostly 6 or 7 table from 3/6 - 10/20, in tougher line-ups its important to play less, mostly i'll be playing 4 tables.

There are some good sides to playing in games with good players, money is not one of them, when playing more against the tougher regs i can get there tendencies nailed down relatively quickly which i can reapply when facing them in other games. Also you frequently get mid-high regs (>50/100) dropping down to 5/10 to find games, playing against better players does improve your game and its always nice to get stats on them for when taking shots later on. This can be a cheap education.

Perceived Fold Equity

SB is 27/18/36/1.4

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $10.00 BB (5 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is UTG with 8, 7 SoSo raises, 2 folds, SB calls, BB calls

Flop: (6 SB) A, 3, K (3 players) SB checks, BB checks, SoSo bets, SB calls, 1 fold

Turn: (4 BB) J (2 players) SB checks, SoSo checks

I feel when he flats this flop he has gutters QJ/JT/Ax/Kx, its important to note that some pairs he'll cold-call are halved by me having the 87. I see a lot of people endlessly barrel draws with like too no fold equity. most of the time betting is the best option as you have good actual equity anyway so you don't need many folds. Here I feel I'm getting no folds and possibly check raised.

Drilling home the value of a hand

Villain is 27/22/41/2.4

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $6.00 BB (6 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is Button with A, 3 3 folds, SoSo raises, 1 fold, BB 3-bets, SoSo calls

Flop: (6.33333 SB) A, 5, 9(2 players) BB bets, SoSo calls

Turn: (4.16667 BB) 4 (2 players) BB bets, SoSo calls

I frequently see people raise this turn, and it can never really be bad seeing as I've got a ton of outs if behind and am quite possibly ahead. However we do get into the problem of folding worse hands he may barrel (which have little to no outs) and being called down by bigger aces, as such i prefer calling down.

I'm going to make my first video tomorrow, hopefully it will make a interesting post i'm not exactly sure what its going to be about. Maybe something about playing in tougher games and shifting styles in order to adjust to games. Seeing as the games will be grim tomorrow.

- Chris

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hanging like a bitch

Well today has been particularly fruitless poker wise, last night was a little bit mental. We started pre-drinking at our house before we went out and polished off 2 and 1/2 bottles of vodka in 2 hours and proceeded to smash up our garden furniture, which we stole through out the year, with my ice axes. Me and Ollie could barely walk when we left for fabric at 11-ish after finally getting to fabric it was a good night not too much off a blur since we were only drinking. We left at about 5 or so and on the way back we found a flyer which said "transsexual" and a phone number, we took it and got on the bus. On steps a massive black guy who saying looked a little sketchy would be a bit of understatement. We started chatting and explained we where going to change the number of one of our house-mates mums mobile with the transsexual number. Anyway he starts going insane screaming how its fucking disgusting and its wrong etc.. He grabs the flyer from my hand and rips it up and throws it on the floor. What follows next where the most uncomfortable 10 mins of a bus journey I think I've ever had.

Anyways I can't have too many days off to hangovers if i ever want to to achieve my goal. So next week will be a long grind, i still need to thrash out the prop-bet details with GiantBuddha and JohnLocke. Hopefully it will help motivate us all in our various challenges. However I'm not really interested in betting much more that 1k/week, which might not be enough for these guys.

- Chris

Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 2

Well this was a pretty good yet short day. I had a good session last night and I'm currently +$1.8k excluding rakeback, so probably a tiny bit ahead of pace. I only played 2k hands today as I was viewing houses for a large part of the day which was irritating. Since only one person in my house works a "conventional job", we all have to put on suits and make up jobs titles for ourselves when looking round these houses, since its so competitive to rent in London at the moment.

Grim turn decision

BTN is Kala 25/19/35/2
BB is 55/11/46/1

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $10.00 BB (5 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is SB with J, A 2 folds, Button raises, SoSo 3-bets, BB calls, Button calls

Flop: (9 SB) 8, 9, 3 (3 players) SoSo bets, BB calls, Button calls

Turn: (6 BB) 6(3 players) SoSo Checks,

I felt after the flop action Kala rarely has a hand that will raise me on the turn, but can definitely have hands that beat me. The fish is a bit of a oddity in that his CC range is very wide and he will also play very passively postflop so he also sort of falls into this category only with less value combinations.

I checked and I think its kind of terrible seeing as I don't think I'm getting semi-bluffed that often and i often charge a huge number of hands to draw in 2 spots. I really wasn't too sure how to play this and as such I've cross-posted this on 2+2.

Any ways I'm off out now too fabric for Ollie's last night out before he leaves for Spain, and as such am breaking my alcohol ban. Hopefully i won't get too trashed and post more embarrassing posts in the SSSH L/C thread.

- Chris

Thursday, 23 September 2010

First day of the rest of my.....

Well things went predictably badly today, I'm still playing atm although just got back from the snooker hall with my mate (lost 5-2, but he got lucky). In my morning session i promptly dropped 250 bets getting involved in a grudge match against one of the better mid-stakes regs on stars. I was playing in games i wouldn't have normally bothered with due to my reduced edge leading to more variance. In the afternoon I grinded it all back and had a whopping $42 profit, which was a small success seeing as i was down 2k~ in the morning.

I'll probably play for another couple of hours bringing it up to around 10 for the day. Apparently Phil Newall has some exciting project he has been working on for the last 2 months and should shortly becoming to fruition, so im sure that will be exciting.

Retarded Tag FPS

Villain 26/20/39/2

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $6.00 BB (6 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is BB with 10, 10 3 folds, Button raises, 1 fold, SoSo calls

Flop: (4.33333 SB) 2, 2, Q (2 players) SoSo checks, Button checks

Turn: (2.16667 BB) 2 (2 players) SoSo bets, Button raises, SoSo calls

River: (6.16667 BB) J(2 players) SoSo checks, Button bets, SoSo calls

He shows A6o

His hand is played so poorly on so many levels, but the only point I'm going to make is one which is a common mistake of bad tags. This is that he does not realise the value of his hand, which is too snap off my bluffs, raising folds the hands he beats and gets calls/raises from hands that have him crushed.

- Chris

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

100k in 100 days

Since reading about GiantBuddha's challenge I found out that as of tomorrow it's 100 days till the end of the year. Whilst in the pub I was chatting too one of my mates from uni about poker and how I was planning on playing a load and did I have any specific targets. Well anyway the idea of 100k in 100 days seemed feasible but hard, so in order to look cool I said I'd do it. There are going to be no rules for this self imposed challenge just to simply get the cash in 100 days by any means. Poker probably will be my main source of income, but I always fancied a life of crime and I live next too a lot of expensive houses I could burgle then fence the goods and invest in some cocaine and guns, if things are going behind pace.

I think the chance of me achieving this is slim and I'm really not that interested in taking action on it unless I get a really good price. Considering I have 7 days of holiday booked and another in the pipeline along with the Christmas period.

"I was born on the wind, and I'll die on the wind" - KKF

- Chris

Quick one before heading out

I'm doing a quick post before I head out tonight, a lot of my university friends who where doing masters/PHD's have moved down to London from Manchester and I'm off to the pub for a night out. This is kind of a gift and a curse, as this will increase my social calender yet detract from my poker and life goals. This problem will be slightly intensified by the fact that I will end up going to more dance gigs, doing more drugs and losing more days from poker to come downs. Hopefully I can keep it in moderation and under control.

Extracting hard from showdown bound non-thinking tags.

Villain 29/18/39/2.3,

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $6.00 BB (6 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is SB with 7, A 3 folds, Button raises, SoSo 3-bets, 1 fold, Button calls

Flop: (7 SB) 7, 2, 10 (2 players) SoSo bets, Button calls

Turn: (4.5 BB) 6 (2 players) SoSo checks, Button bets, SoSo raises, Button calls

River: (8.5 BB) 4 (2 players) SoSo bets, Button calls

I feel i know all of this players tendencies and as such can exploit them with ease. Their play is predictable and contains little variations expect frustration bluffs, which can throw you occasionally. There are three things which highlight why i like making plays like this against certain player types.

1. Not capping pre-flop

Since this player does employ a capping preflop strategy which will include some strange hands but mostly TT+, AJs+, AQo+ in the situation. We can already start to scale down his range.

2. Not raising the flop

This player does not delay till the turn merely blasting with all his range on the flop in position, but bizarrely sometimes slow-playing til the turn OOP. His range is now further scaled down containing very few pairs maybe some 2x but mostly overs. It is also important to note that his flop range contains almost no gut-shots/straight draws. However he can pick these up on the turn along with BDFD's and will bet them.

3. Calling the flop combined with probable turn tendencies.

Once the flop is called he likes betting when checked too, now its possible the 6 improved him, but obviously not enough to be ahead. Most importantly he will bet almost all of his range when checked too and will be faced with sufficient pot odds to continue drawing after the c/r. He may also fold some 6 outers to a c/r which would be pretty sweet.

These three key factors allow for me to make the screw-play on the turn against this specific player, there are a lot of players who you can do this against and as soon as you have their tendencies nailed down you can repeatedly butt fuck them.

- Chris

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A couple of quick hands

A questionable river raise.

Villain is one of the better 3/6 players 35/27/38/2.2
We have a pretty active history and he will be defending particularly wide against me.

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $6.00 BB (6 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is MP with A, A 1 fold, SoSo raises, 3 folds, BB calls

Flop: (4.33333 SB) 4, 5, 6 (2 players) BB checks, SoSo bets, BB raises, SoSo 3-bets, BB caps, SoSo calls

Turn: (6.16667 BB) J (2 players) BB bets, SoSo calls

River: (8.16667 BB) A (2 players) BB bets, SoSo raises,

In the heat of battle I saw the river and thought sweet I've out drawn his set/2pair. However on closer inspection of the combos of Str8's vs set/2pr hands, i think a flat is a better play (although its very close). It's funny how sometimes i still forget were the value of a hand comes from and how, whilst it may appear a card drastically improves my hand i still lose to half his range.

Missing out on a probable free-roll situation.

Villain is 25/18/47/1.8
Mass-multitabler and as such will not adjust as much as he should against me on the BTN.

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $6.00 BB (6 handed)

Preflop: SoSo is CO with 3, A 2 folds, SoSo raises, Button 3-bets, 2 folds, SoSo calls

Flop: (7.33333 SB) 8, 8, 9 (2 players) SoSo checks,Button bets, SoSo calls

Turn: (4.66667 BB) 9 (2 players) SoSo checks, Button bets, SoSo calls

On the turn i just auto-piloted thinking I'm going to SD as i beat all broad ways and chop the bigger aces. I realised about 5 seconds after i clicked call, he has very few value combos against me in this situation and we are chopping an awful lot or he's behind. Normally i would be more than happy for him to triple barrel his broad ways against me in this spot, however i think he will still call with them when faced with the c/r. Seeing as he has a high WTSD and most likely will have an Ax hand which he won't fold.

The only downside to c/ring the turn is folding out 44-77, I honestly don't think he is capable of 3-betting TT+ if faced with a c/r on this turn. I think this is a really cool spot and i think noticing these small points of value in a hand, are what separate good from great players.

- Chris